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Where will the residents of Denby Court live during the construction period and will they be permanently rehoused? Will they have priority for the new development? 

Denby Court is currently used by Lambeth Council as temporary accommodation and as such the Council has a statutory duty to rehouse those within it.  

Whilst the residents of Denby Court will not have priority for the new development Lambeth Council will continue to have the responsibility to house them.  

All residents who are on the council list will eligible to bid on the new development.

When will you start to rehouse the residents of Denby Court? 

Homes for Lambeth is not expecting to be on-site, beginning demolition, until August 2021. Lambeth Council has a statutory obligation to house the residents of Denby Court in advance of this. 

Why are the proposals so tall? 

The height strategy is to accommodate the constraints of the site. To do this we created type types of buildings: smaller and larger ones.  

Two areas were identified on the site as suitable to taller buildings and to represent the scheme within the wider context of the site. The 10 storey building provides the opportunity for a ‘landmark’ building and acts as a ‘book end’. 

We have also reduced the height of the tallest building from 14 to 10 storeys. 

Finally, the height allows Homes for Lambeth to use the site in the most efficient way and provide more affordable homes for the residents of Lambeth.  

How many additional primary/secondary school places will be funded as part of this development given the number of new family sized homes proposed? 

Homes for Lambeth will pay a community infrastructure levy (CiL). CiL is designed to fund the infrastructure required to sustain a development. Lambeth Council will decide where the CiL money is spent in the borough. 

What is the timescale for the development? 

Homes for Lambeth will likely submit a planning application for these proposals in autumn this year with an aim to be on site in Autumn 2021. The development will take three years to build.  

How will contractor noise be reduced at local nurseries and schools including Purple Jay during the construction phase? 

A Construction Management Plan will be submitted as part of the planning application. This plan will set out how the impacts of construction will be mitigated - including the impact on local amenities such as schools. 

Will there be an environmental impact assessment submitted? 

Yes, a full Environmental Impact Assessment will be submitted as part of this planning application.