Overview - how the proposals will appear

Homes for Lambeth are proposing to build 144 much-needed new homes on a currently underutilised site to the east of Lambeth Walk.

Above: a computer generated view from Lambeth Walk - north

50% of the new homes will be affordable of which 70% will be council level rent and 30% shared ownership. The new homes will be a mixture of 1,2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties, all of the 4 bedroom homes will be council level rent and 5 of the new homes will be wheelchair accessible. 

This will be a car free scheme except for 5 spaces that will be allocated to the wheelchair accessible homes. There will, however, be 270 bicycle spaces across the proposals. The cycle stands will be provided in 3 categories: 204 2-tier cycle racks; 52 horizontal cycle stands (a stand that can hold 2 bikes); and 14 large horizontal cycle stands.

Above: a computer generated view from Lambeth Walk - south

The proposal consists of 5 blocks that range between 4 and 11 storeys in height. At the corner and heart of the scheme there will be 2 feature buildings of 10 and 11 storeys in height with the 3 remaining buildings reaching 4 storeys in height, 2 of which with a set back top floor. The 4 storey perimeter buildings will provide a transition from the taller feature buildings to the immediate context. 

In addition to the much-needed new homes, the proposals include 567sqm of communal courtyard garden space and a further 760sqm play space for children. 

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